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“I appreciated the long-term focus–“choose and stay with connection to powerful self, mastery, no wrong choices, or second guessing, be the coach-connected and at your best.” We live in the world of short term focus, instant results, it’s great to have masterful coaches pull us back to where we know (at some level) where we belong….the long-term. You helped me remember short-term is scarcity, fear and anxiety, long-term is abundance, mastery and connection.

I appreciate you growing coaches, always calling us out to know and own self fully, “be a beacon,stand in your power, how confident are you?”

I appreciate being reminded of the power I hold, how threats and fear shut us down and how to create a bridge of breathing to carry us over the troubled waters of fear.” – Brian Braudis

You are so welcome, Brian. It’s my pleasure and honor to share this work.

And you, coach who is reading this. I want you to remember the power that you hold and own yourself fully. I want you to “be a beacon and stand in your power.” I want you to discover your deep and unshakable coaching confidence.

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