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First off, I’ll admit that my Portuguese is even worse than my Spanish.  And yet, I would love to visit this beautiful country.

That said, i am also in awe of anyone who would travel across the globe to expand, deepen and discover their coaching in new and exciting ways.

Such was the case for many coaches who attended the ICF-Converge conference.

Over 1600 coaches attended, representing 62 other countries.  How amazing.

And at least one coach from Portugal came to the workshop I had the honor to present.  “The ELEMENTS of Our coaching”.

And they posted a recap article in the “Human Resources and Management” online magazine.

Here’s what they had to say.

Ben Dooley (United States), with energy and a sense of humor, provided the contact with a “table of elements” contemplating the fundamental components of coaching in an original way: “The elements of our coaching”. This model contemplates the 11 coaching skills carried out by ICF, but it intends to go further.”

Wow.  I am delighted and honored.  Thank you.  And I will say, that was just about 1/4 of what I could have shared, had I more time.

Perhaps I will make it down to Portugal for a full presentation someday.  (That would be fun.)