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Calling all Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee coaches!

I’m coming to your region with an exciting coaching workshop!

“The Elements of our Coaching”

Let me ask you this?

Are you ready to discover your untapped coaching power and unlimited resource?

Are you hungry to discover the next step in your coaching evolution?

Are you an ATOMIC Coach?


“The Elements of our Coaching” is a revolutionary new approach to an old model, redefining how we access and work with our prime coaching skills and revealing powerful secrets of MasterFull Coaching.

  • Enhance and grow your coaching in any area, instantly and easily.
  • Create an inexhaustible resource for Powerful Questions
  • Create powerful and rich connection with your clients, immediately and deeply.
  • NEVER BE LOST in your coaching again.
  • And so much more.

And it’s all happening at the 2nd Annual ICF-Gulf Coast Chapter workshop

An interactive and inspiring all day Master Class of Advanced Coaching technique and approach led by Ben Dooley, MCC (The Coaches Confidence Coach).

  • Create Powerful Coaching Presence
  • Take your Core Competencies beyond your training
  • Coach with the confidence that you can handle any situation, any time, with any client (wouldn’t that be great?)

Explore the Artistry and Performance of MasterFull coaching as you watch your coaching confidence grow right before your very eyes.

Friday, May 1 starting at 9:00 am

Visit www.icfgulfcoast.com for more information and to register for this exciting event that turns good coaches into Grrrrrrreat ATOMIC coaches. 

This unique and innovative workshop will be featured at the ICF-Midwest Coaching conference, and it’s coming to a chapter near you.  And the best part is, you get a whole 6-hour experience and CCEUs for your renewal.

But you have to register.  Visit www.icfgulfcoast.com to lock yourself in and get ready to rock your coaching world with your ATOMIC coaching.  (Your clients will thank you.)

I’ll see you there with plenty of giveaways, too.


-ben dooley, MCC

YOUR coaching confidence and success, made easy and fun.

“I BElieve that you are an amazing, powerful, and impacting coach! 

I want to help you connect to that coach and unleash your coaching power and confidence to create your coaching success! “

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Answers to any questions, celebrate your coaching, and a little support from someone who cares and is committed to helping you BE the best coach you are here to BE!





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