Celebrate Coaching Week with the First call of the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching as my guest

All right coach.
You may be aware that this is COACHING WEEK.
And as a special celebration/ gift, I thought I would offer you something exciting:
I’m starting off a new round of my powerful advanced coach training program, “The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching”
Don’t worry, this isn’t a marketing thing to get you to sign up. This is an honest and true invitation to join the FIRAT 2-HOUR CALL as my guest.
This powerful lesson will open up and clarify exactly:
  • What is MasterFull Coaching really all about?
  • What is ACC, PCC and MCC coaching… really?
  • What is your Coaching Confidence and how can you instantly begin growing it right now?
There is no obligation to join the full course (you can if you want). This gift is entirely free for you.
But you have to click this link to register so i know you’re coming.
(I promise this will completely crack open your coaching in amazing ways.)
I’ll see you there.

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