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Holy Full Acceptance! I love these calls.
I can honestly say that after 11 years of coaching I thought my skill of ACKNOWLEDGMENT was pretty danged good. But after today’s call, thanks to all the amazing and insightful coaches joining the CSF today, I can’t wait until my next coaching session. My client is gonna get some solid ACKNOWLEDGMENT.
Not only that, but I tossed out a supreme challenge to all the coaches at the end of the call. And that includes you.
Are you up for it?
It’s easy, all you got to do it listen to the recording–enjoy, learn and grow–and then take on the challenge and see how it transforms and explodes your coaching (and your life).

Or follow this link “CSF-The Art of ACKNOWLEDGMENT”
(And if you want to receive a CCEU credit for this call visit www.coachingskillsforum.com)