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That’s right. If you sign up now for the March (or May) FPMC, you’ll be able to break up the cost into 6 low monthly payments of only $175 each.

And that includes a couple of special BONUSES (who doesn’t love bonuses?)

BONUS #1: Get a special one-on-one “personal coach growing session” to evaluate and tighten your coaching in exciting and powerful ways.  One of the most powerful hours of your coaching growth.

BONUS #2: You’ll be signed up in the FPMC 100-Day eChallenge.  Every 5 days a new MasterFull Coaching lesson will appear in your email, guiding you towards small (and some not so small) but powerful (and some even more powerful) shifts in your coaching.

But in order to take advantage of this special offer, you should use this link here!
(not available on the website)

This offer is only available through the month of February

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