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Coaching for a Cause

All right gang, I’m going to do this again. I’ve offered this in year’s past (forgot to do it last year and almost forgot this year) and the experience has been tremendously rewarding for EVERYONE.

It’s the end of the year when people are looking to do a final tax deduction.
It’s the end of the year when many charities are needing a little extra help.
Tis the season to give (and receive.)

So follow this link to learn how to get free Mentor/coaching from me just by donating to your favorite charity. (No money is going to me. It’s my gift to you, for giving a gift to others.)


But hurry, because this only counts if you make your donation before the end of the year. (You can do your coaching starting in January 2022)

(There are also instructions and guidelines if you would like to make this offer to your own list)

I hope you will take advantage of this offer. With your help, I would love to Co-raise $2012 for the year 2012!