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Sometimes it seems as though we’re playing this big poker game with our Gremlin or Saboteur.

Now, think about it for a minute.

“Hm… I think I’ll bet that I want to start a coaching career.”

“Yeah?  Well I’ll see your coaching career, and raise you a Who do you think you are?”

“Okay.  I’ll see that, and raise you an I’ve got excellent training and I’m confident in my skill.”

“Really.  So you think you’re tough, huh?  Well, how about we throw in a You don’t know how to really build a business?  And I’ll even throw in a You can’t get your own life straight, who’ll want you as a coach? to boot. What do you say about that?”

Hm.  That’s a pretty big bet all right.  Well played.

“What’s the matter, the stakes too big for you?  Ready to fold?”

“Fold?  Sorry, not this easily.  Not while I have a decent list of clients are all seem to be getting great value working with me.”

“So you think.  Maybe they’re not telling you the truth.”

“Ooh.  Low blow.  So are you calling me?  You think I’m bluffing?”

“Yeah, I think you’re bluffing.  I’m going all in.  I don’t think you got what it takes to be a coach and I’m tossing in everything I’ve got at you.  You can’t possibly match me.  You have got to be kidding yourself.  You’ve been doing this how long?  And you only have how many clients?  And you’re only making how much?  And what about the bills?  You’ll never succeed enough to quit your other job, and you’ll never be able to succeed until you quit your day job.  You’re stuck.  Meanwhile you have to waste all that money on those classes and your own coach and if you really look at it, you haven’t really gotten anywhere except spent some time playing this silly fantasy and really not making a difference.  I mean, if you were really that good, you’d already have a full practice, wouldn’t you?” There.  All in.  What do you say now?

“Well… I say you bring up some pretty strong points there.  And I must admit, I almost tossed in my cards and let you win.  But you forgot one thing.  I got an ace up my sleeve.  And that Ace is that I’m passionately drawn to this work.  I love my classes, I love my clients, I love learning, and I love coaching.  My core Values are being expressed and when I’m connected to my coaching, I feel alive.  Sure the money isn’t there now, but it doesn’t mean it’ll always be that way.  And sure my client load is down, but as I continue to grow and put myself out there with confidence, more will come.  There are millions of people out there who are hungry for a change, and are needing someone to help them discover powerful and fulfilling lives.”

“Who?  Someone like you?”

“Yeah.  Someone like me.  What’s the matter?  Is that a little sweat I see?  Could it be that you’re getting desperate.   Perhaps you know you got nothing and I’ve got the winning hand.  And every day, I’m getting stronger and more skilled, both as a coach and in my life.  You can bring up the past all you want (and what you think is the truth), but it’s only because you can see the future, and you’re scared, because there’s no place for you and your smallness there. 

But I can see my future self who knows the struggles and successes.  I can see my visions and dreams all coming true because I made them.  And I know I can achieve my success and fulfillment, and there’s really nothing that can stop me.  Not you, not my fears, not anyone, unless I toss in my cards myself and give up the hand.  And I will never do that, because I have people who love me, need me, and believe in me.

So, Mr. Gremlin, I call your bluff.  The time has come.  What do you have?”

And on it goes.  Each perspective building upon the next.  Who will win the jackpot?   Only you can tell.

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