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Yeah, that’s kind of a hard thing to admit.  But then again, I’m guessing i’m not the only one.

In fact, I’ll ask you.  (now be honest.
On a scale from 1-10 how well are you truly stepping into your full coaching power?

While I’m sure that you’ve had some times where you would say it sure felt like it was a 10 (I know I’ve had that feeling) I can also bet that there are just as many times when you’re not that high.
In fact, there’s also a possibility that you only think you’re coaching at your full power.  But then again, how do you really know what that is?

Basically, if you say you’re at a 10 (always running your full potential) I will have to reply that you’re either lying or not paying attention.)

The truth is (and I know this is a pretty bold statement, but I’m sticking to it):
EVERY SINGLE COACH OUT THERE IS NOT COACHING TO THEIR FULL POTENTIAL.  Including all those amazing MCC coaches, all those incredible trainers, all those six-figure coaches, and including you.

Now, of course that doesn’t mean that you’re not giving amazing coaching (of course you are), it doesn’t mean that you’re not skilled and awesome (of course you are) and that your clients aren’t getting powerful insights and transformation and results from your coaching (of course they are).

But it does mean that you are not playing the full game you are here to play.
It does mean that your clients (now and future) need more from you.
It does mean that the world needs you to BE more than you are currently.

Now the good news is that, while I may have some off experiences, i know how to recognize it and re-engage my coaching power.
Do you?
When I’m not showing up at my best, I know how to redirect and get myself back to a rich and sharp focus.
Do you?
When I’m showing up less than that 10, I can identify it easily and create the shift that my clients need so I can bring my full self to the coaching.
Can you?

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