630-484-2336 ben@bedo.org

I could use a little help.

I need to get a recording of a group of people all saying the same thing in unison. A crowd all speaking as one voice. And there’s a few different words/short phrases. (I think about 14 in all)

PLEASE join me on my Zoom line on Wednesday, December 22 at 1:00 Central/ 2:00 Eastern

It’ll be simple:

A) I’ll tell you what to say.

B) We’ll all say it together in Unison (i hope)

C) We’ll move to the next one.

D) It’ll all be easily recorded on ZOOM (and I can edit from there.)This should take no more than about 15 minutes total.

AFTER WHICH, you all can stick around and I’m happy to fill the rest of the hour with a little bonus “thank you” advanced coach training.

It’ll all be here on my special zoom link.https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89191683533…Please join. The more coaches, the better, and this will help tremendously with a few new exciting coach growing projects/products.

Thank you.