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 Dear Coach
Often when you get something in the mail, it’s either some sort of solicitation or marketing (as in when I am letting you know about upcoming events) or perhaps it’s some interesting information (as in the case of my BITS newsletters.)
However, this time it’s something different.
I’m asking you for a little bit of help.
Chances are pretty high that I’ll be traveling to the west coast in February/March and since I’ll be in the area, I would love the opportunity to present one of my workshops to your chapter
Chances are high I’m coming to your neck of the woods around April/May and likewise I would love to stop by your city and visit your chapter.
I’ve already reached out to each of these chapters letting them know of my interest and availability. But not everyone knows of what I offer.  (I know, it seems strange to believe.)
However, I trust that you have a better idea.
  • You have been getting these newsletters.
  • Hopefully you’ve been attending the free Coaching Skills Forum calls.
  • You may have even jumped in on one of my workshops.
  • You might have participated in the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class
  • You may have even been a client
So here is how you can help.
This should only take about 5 minutes of your time.
Please send a quick email (if you are so inclined) to your chapter leader/program team, letting them know you would like to see me bring one of my workshops.
How to Find Your WOW, NOW!  – Discover the 5 words that will explode your coaching and change your life.  Attract ideal clients, improve your marketing, deepen your confidence, and tap into your awesome coaching power.
The Amazing ATEBAR Formula – A simple but astounding six-step process that completely describes HOW and WHY coaching works.  Why your coaching isn’t working and what to do when that happens.  Not only that, but you’ll have a clear and solid platform to sharpen your coaching focus and presence.
The ELEMENTS of Our Coaching – This workshop blew away at the ICF-Midwest conference, bringing a new and provocative approach to old tools in our coaching.  Discover how to handle every single “oh crap” moment in your coaching.  Instantly grow any area of your coaching.  Uncover an unlimted resource for Powerful Questions.  Create Coaching Connection easily and deeply.
Creating Confident Coach Client Connection When there’s not connection, coaching does not exist.  And it happens much more frequently than you know.  Discover powerful tools to create Coaching Connection.  Reveal the three deadly and dangerous myths that destroy your coaching.  And learn the simple, yet powerful, 3-step process that will deepen your coaching connection,
experience and impact.
So which one do you want to see?
  • All workshops are interactive experiences and contains powerful learning for coaches of ALL levels, ALL training, and ALL niches.  Because it’s really about “the Artistry and Performance of MasterFull Coaching.”
  •  Each of these can be modified to fill a 60-90-minute chapter meeting, or expanded to provide a half or full-day experience.
  • Every live workshop and presentation is packed with freebies and giveaways, as well as awesome discounts and opportunities to grow your coaching confidence, power and success.  (And who doesn’t want more of that.)
So please take just a couple minutes to email your chapter leader or Program team and let them know that you heard I was coming to your region and that you would love to have me present for your chapter.
Let’s make this easy.  here are the links to the major chapters and groups in the area.
Or if you are part of another Coaching organization that’s not ICF affiliated, that’s great, too.  The more coaches, the better.
(And if your chapter isn’t listed, you can still contact your President or Program Chair and perhaps we can still make it happen.)
Perhaps if enough of you spread the word, they’ll be interested and we can make something exciting, powerful and fun happen for your coaching community and I can reach out and help more coaches just like you discover deep coaching confidence, power and success.
Thank you.