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A couple weeks ago I had the wonderful delight of talking with Meg Rentschler who is the host of “The STaR Coach Show.”

It was a wonderful time and since then she has been getting some great comments and responses about that podcast we did.

It was focusing on my workshop “How to Find your WOW, NOW!: The 5 Words that will EXPLODE Your coaching… and change your life.”

And here is what one coach said about it.

I know from working with Meg regularly that she is all about quality, enthusiasm, and getting to the real deal with coaching.  The skills and concepts of coaching, the business of coaching.  I gain something from every podcast episode, but this one really impacted me with the right stuff at the right time.  Ben Dooley has a fresh, unfeigned approach to coaching and to life that is contagious, simple, yet totally powerful and accessible to all.  I love the technique of the five words (can’t wait to try it…) as well as the way he cuts through the clutter of courses, tool, and “stuff” just to find and rely on your best self, and bring that self to the business of coaching.  Thank byou, MEG, for attracting great people like Ben to your show, and of course, who would NOT want to talk to the effervescent Meg Rentschler and share your story and your valuable secrets???”

So go here https://www.starcoachshow.com/88-ben-dooley-the-5-words-that-will-explode-your-coaching/ to listen in on all the amazing things we talked about, including how to get those 5 words.

And if you’re a member, we recorded an juicy extra bonus special value segment and value (just sayin).

(You can access all her podcasts and get more information at www.starcoachshow.com. )