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Yes, that’s what a coach said today on “The Coaching Skills Forum” calls.  That’s how awesome these calls are.

In fact, I barely got out, “These calls are different than most other coaching calls that you may have been on…” when another coach blurted out, “THESE ARE SO MUCH FUN!!!”

So that’s what you may be missing.

The Coaching Skills Forum is unlike anything else out there and has been growing coaching in powerful and fun and exciting ways for almost 12 years.

If you’ve been on one of our calls (or listened to one of our 275 archived recordings) then you’ll know.  And if you haven’t, then you’re missing incredible stuff.

But don’t worry.  i’m here to help.

Here is a recording of our last call, “Engaging in Provocative Conversations”.  (Yes, I’m aware of the irony that we’re Engaging in a Provocative conversation about the skill of Engaging in Provocative Conversations.)

Do yourself, and your coaching, a favor and listen.  You WILL discover something new.  (And I anticipate the last 10 minutes will totally blow your mind.)


And then visit www.mastermycoaching.com to get all the information for our next exciting call, “Enjoying the Client Immensely”.

(And you’ll get your Vitamin B shot to your coaching.)