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Some say it’s better to give than to receive while others say it’s better to receive than to give.  But as coaches, we know that it’s best to give AND receive.  And when both happen together, magical things happen.

Such is the case.  I want to encourage you to give so that you can receive.

Let me clarify.  Between now and December 31 you can make a donation to any charity.

Just send me a copy of the receipt and I will give you the same minutes as dollars in coaching.

That’s right.  You read correctly.  I am offering you complimentary coaching- as appreciation for helping others.

There are a couple of rules and details to follow.

A) It must be a new donation dated that was made between today and December 31.  That means earlier donations were clearly not made in partnership with this offer and, although appreciated, will not count.

B) This offer expires at midnight on December 31.  Once we hit January 2015, no more donations will be accepted.  (This is to encourage you to get into action.  You know, like a coach would, right?)

C) Once I receive the receipt I will send you a link to schedule your call.  Although we may block off a larger time due to the mechanics of the scheduler, I will be keeping track of our time and we will end at the appropriate time.  You will only get coaching for the amount of time equal to the amount of dollars you have donated. 

$15 = 15 minutes of coaching

$50 = 50 minutes.

D) if you have donated more than $50 you can break up your time into multiple sessions.  (No sense in having a giant 3 hour session.)

E) The MINIMUM amount accepted is $15 for 15 minutes of coaching.

F) The MAXIMUM amount accepted is… $240  (Well, actually, you could donate more–that’s your option–but I can only honor a total of 4- 60-minute sessions)

G) All charity coaching must be completed in the month of January.  

H) It doesn’t have to be only one charity.  You can do multiple donations to several organizations and then add them all together.  (So you could do something like a $5 donation to six different groups, which total a complementary 30-minute session.)

I) You can contribute to any organization that you want and support any cause you believe in, or you can always choose one of these below.

Project Linus

ICF Foundation

American Lung Association

Toys for tots

Big Brothers/Big sisters of America

Midwest BREW

American Red Cross


Reading is Fundemental


J) Do not send me the money to make the donation for you.  I want you to get the tax benefit.  And I want no question as to where the money has gone.   This is truly my gift to you as you give to others.  Think of it like “paying it forward… but in reverse… or something like that.”

Besides this is truly my gift to you as you give to others.  I don’t want to get anything out of it except the honor and pleasure of working with you for a little bit.  Think of it like paying it forward… but in reverse… or upside down… or something like that.

K) Ok?  Then go to it so you can help people and I can then have the honor of thanking you on their behalf with some coaching.

L) If this gets an overwhelming response, I may have to limit my number of calls and complimentary sessions I can offer.  So the sooner in, the better your chances.

Together let’s raise $2015 dollars before 2015

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-ben dooley, MCC

The Coaches Confidence Coach