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So considering today is leap day, and everyone’s posting about “do something you’ve never done before”, in a sense, “take a leap.”
But let’s look at this more closely.
What’s better, “look before you leap” or “leap like the fool”?
One the one hand, when we leap blindly, we can find ourselves in unfortunate and undesired situations.  On the other hand, when we look too much, we can talk ourselves out of taking any action.  Sometimes we just need to leap first, and ask questions later.  For those who study the tarot, the first card in the deck is the Fool card, who leaps without looking.  And while that can sometimes be bad, it also opens up new experiences and opportunity that we otherwise might have missed.
Speaking of which… There’s that phrase, “leap a the chance” or “opportunity”?  How many times does an opportunity present itself, and yet we miss it, or worse, dismiss or ignore it.  
And what about “leaps and bounds”? Do we do nothing for the bounds? (If there a “bounds” day anyway?)
Do we leap up, leap down, leap in or leap out?
Is it a leap for joy, a leap of faith, or is it a quantum leap?
There are so many different ways to leap, so many different reasons to leap, so many different leaps we can take, they just can’t all fit in one day.
So how about this?  Perhaps let’s use today as a “leaping off point”, to help us get started leaping all the other days in our lives.