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Yes, Super Coach!  With strange powers of curiosity, and level three listening.  Super Coach!  Who can shift perspectives in the blink of an eye.  Who can take a client into the deepest depths of their emotion.  Who can create powerful visions and goals.  Super Coach!  Able to Hold a Client’s Agenda while simultaneously Holding the Client as Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole.  And who can focus on the smaller agenda while at the same time seeing the Meta-view to the Client’s Whole Life.

When the Evil Gremlin strikes unsuspecting victims with his lackeys Stuck, Procrastination, and Playing Small, Super Coach is there–ready to dish out a one-two punch of Values and Perspectives, and follow it up with an uppercut of Choice.  Wherever there is Fear, Super Coach is there with his Cape of Empowerment.  Wherever there is Playing Small, Super Coach has plenty of “Bigger Game” in his utility belt ready for action.  Wherever there is Overwhelm, Super Coach uses his super strategy of small and simple steps and powerful goals to help the client move forward towards the life that they desire and deserve.

Hold on to your headsets, kiddies.


Yes, sometimes it feels just like that.

However, it’s not always so wonderful.  Remember the big lesson “With great powers, comes great responsibility.” And we have to use these wonderful skills wisely.  Just because we know how to dig into every problem that comes our way, doesn’t mean that we always have to.    In fact, sometimes having these coaching tools and training can be so exciting that it’s such an easy trap get sucked into trying to coach everyone we come across all the time.  And what usually happens?  We rub them the wrong way and they get upset and turned off.  Why?  Well, mainly because they didn’t ask for it.  It was an unrequested overstepping of boundaries.  There isn’t an alignment with both parties (you and the other person) that you will be coaching them on the issue.  It’s different with our clients. There, we have that relationship established, it’s part of the Alliance that’s designed.

One of the skills that we as coaches need to strengthen is the knowing of “When to coach/ when not to coach.”

Think about Superman.  He’s always super—that’s who he is naturally.  But if he wasn’t careful, he could be flying around non-stop 24 hours a day saving people.  As super as he is, he knows that he needs to sometimes stop, put on his Clark Kent clothes, and go around just as a normal human—sometimes having to watch his friends go through frustrations and sticky situations, and knowing that that’s a part of life and they need to experience it sometimes.  Of course even when he’s Clark Kent and Lois is about to spill her coffee on her dress, he’ll still lend a little bit of help by secretly blowing a little puff of air to lift it back up, unnoticed by anyone.  He’s not obvious about it.

It’s just like how we can continue to hold our friends and family Naturally Creative, Resourceful, and Whole.  We can be naturally Curious about their lives, we can Listen to them and their issues, and not have to actually “coach” them to some big change or resolution or revelation.  Sometimes we don’t need to put on our whole Super Coach persona and just simply use out coaching skills on a subtler level.   “BE” with them—listening, holding, and self-managing—without actually having to don our costume and DO “COACHING” with them.

So make sure that you use your powers wisely.  Just because you’re a Super Coach yourself, doesn’t mean you have to Coach everyone all the time.  Coach when it’s appropriate.  And when it’s not, simply put on your everyday clothes over your Super-Coach costume, and love your friends.

That’s the Super-est thing you can BE and DO.