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All right, if you haven’t been to the Coaching Skills Forum before, or it’s been a while, or if you’re a regular, you are in for a treat.

There are exciting changes coming about that I want to share with you

MILESTONES: We are not only well into our 16th year of doing these calls, but well into our 7th round covering the large load of coaching skills and have accumulated OVER 365 archived recordings.

NEW LOOK: We’ve redesigned the www.coachingskillsforum.com page to make everything easier to access.

  • Calendar listing all the upcoming dates and times
  • Complete and updated list of ALL the skills topics we have covered over the years (over 80 now)
  • New Podcast platform
    • Search and find your favorite topic
    • Listen directly through the website.
    • Download and save to listen on your own device
    • Stream through your favorite podcast app
    • Get notified when new archived recordings are uploaded

PRICE INCREASE: Yes, after 16 years and 365 calls and thousands and thousands of CCEUs, it’s time to increase the rate. But don’t worry, it’s still one of the best CCEU deals out there.

  • SINGLE PURCHASE will now be $20 each
  • The 6-MONTH PACKAGE will now be $200


Because you are a member, I want to make the transition easier for you. When you purchase any Single or 6-month package for the next three months (Jan 1- March 31) use this coupon CSF25HELP and you’ll get 25% off (which puts you back at the original price.)

You can also access it directly through these special links

  • HINT#1: You might want to purchase the 6-month package with the coupon and that guarantees you a sweet deal.

    HINT#2: This coupon expires March 31, so get your credits now at this lower rate while it’s good.

    And of course, remember that all the live calls, all the radical recordings all the exciting explorations, all the thrilling topics, and all the compelling conversations, and the luscious learning and gigantuan groth are all free.

    Visit www.coachingskillsforum.com for more information.

    And I’ll see you on the next Coaching Skills Forum call–our first one for the new year–on January 11. The topic is all about Expressing–how it shows up in our coaching, what makes it important and what gets in the way.

    You WILL discover something new and amazing for your coaching as we EXPRESS our own thoughts and insights about this amazing topic.

    I’ll see you there.