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Got into an inspired craze and popped out three new BeDo VidBits

  • How to handle the dreaded story… NOW
  • Don’t Don’t and Do Do Coaching
  • The EXHAUSTING Either./Or and the Yanking of Yes/No

And that’s not counting the semi-recent ones:

  • The Problem with Coaching the Person, not the Problem.
  • Your Coaching Cookies
  • What is your Coaching Worth?
  • Your Life Purpose is NOT to coach.

And that’s not counting the other ones that popped up and total now over 40 videos.  (And more coming)

And they’re all under 10 minutes and PACKED with insights, learning, discoveries, tips and tricks to access deeper, more powerful coaching.

Go check em out.

(After all, they’re all free for everyone registered in the MasterFull Membership–ALL levels.)

(And if you’re not a member, it’s free.  Just go to www.bedo.org and see what you’re missing.)