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There is so much exciting stuff coming around i can’t wait to share with you.

First off, there will be a launching of a new MasterFull Coaching Facebook group where coaches just like you can join in and engage with a rich and growing community of coaches, access coaching resources, easy access links and reminders and notifications of amazing coach-growing events, like…

“The 7 Myths of Coaching… Exposed”

Deep truth telling, advanced insights, provocative explorations and powerful tools to break apart myths, confusions, misunderstandings, assumptions and just downright common sticky spots and traps you have gotten hooked by.

Even worse, these are often being taught in schools, webinars, classes and courses and even by our mentors

And I’m here to set the record straight with some solid truth telling and a redesigning of how you see yourself and your coaching.

COACHING MYTH #1 – January 20, 4:00 Central/5:00 Eastern – “We must FIRST establish the AGENDA and THEN we can coach”.
This leads to wasted time and poor coaching

COACHING MYTH #2 – January 21, 9:00 am Central/10:00 am Eastern- “All of our attention and focus must be 100% on the client.”
Completely impossible and sets you up for failure.

COACHING Myth #3 – January 24, 11:00 Central/ 12:00 Eastern – “There are some clients that are just uncoachable”
Absolutely untrue and completely invalidates your coaching

COACHING Myth #4 – January 25, 2:00 Central/ 3:00 Eastern- “Do not make assumptions”
You got to be kidding me? Are you kidding? How is that even possible?

COACHING Myth #5 – January 26th, 9:00 am Central/10:00 am Eastern – “It’s impossible to measure ROI on Coaching”
Not true at all. It’s very possible. You just have to know how.

COACHING Myth #6 – January 26th, 4:00 Central/5:00 Eastern – “I have to have what my client wants to be a legitimate coach”
I’ve lost count how many coaches–great coaches–get hooked on this one. It’s also the problem with having a niche.

COACHING Myth #7 – January 27st, 12:00 Central/ 1:00 Eastern – “Emotions, pain and the past is therapy, not coaching”
If that’s true, then you’re doing your clients a solid disservice and your coaching is only as portion of what it could be.

There’s nothing to do yet. Just stay turned and more information, access, links and everything you need to get this valuable and powerful advanced coaching insights and training will be coming.

Stay tuned, coach. So much more coming to help you truly BE the coach you are here to BE!