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The Purpose of the Coaching Skills Forum is to engage with a community and discover our coaching skills in exciting and provocative conversations.
And every single call is packed with rich exploration, deep discovery, and inspiring insights that you can take to your coaching.

Really, it’s in alignment with my own purpose of growing and disovering as much as I can about this amazing world of coaching, and to (at the same time) help other coaches grow–to access and reveal their brilliant best.

So it’s no surprise that our last CSF call was all about LIFE PURPOSE, and it also marked our 300th call (Yep, over 13 years and 300 incredible conversations).

And here is that very recording for you to listen to. discover something new about LIFE PURPOSE you either didn’t know before, or forgot.

Bring that new learning into your coaching and your clients.

And then join us on our next exciting CSF call, Tuesday, March 12

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