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My initial intention for these calls, 13 years ago, was to be an open resource for ALL coaches to continue exploring our coaching skills… beyond what we were learning in our schools and training.

I didn’t plan to last 13 years.  I didn’t expect to create over 290 calls.  And I couldn’t predict that these calls would invite and engage with thousands of coaches over the years.

And yet.

The power of INTENTION.

So here is our latest Coaching Skills Forum call all on, “HELPING THE CLIENT SET AND KEEP CLEAR INTENTIONS”

Have a listen, enjoy, learn and grow.

Helping Client Intentions – 100918

Speaking of which,

It’s also my intention to help coaches discover their deep and unshakable coaching confidence.
it’s been my continual intention to provide more value than is expected.

It’s always my intention to provide coaches with ALL the tools and structures needed so they can show up as the coach they are here to BE.

And that includes you.

So it is ALSO my intention to provide another round of

“The Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching”

for those coaches who are ready to EXPLODE their coaching in amazing ways.

Is that you?

48 CCEUs are available.

Mentor coaching hours, too.

But the real benefit is the tremendous growth, solid confidence and the accelerated progress towards BEING THE COACH YOU ARE TRULY HERE TO BE.

And a new round begins Wednesday, October 24 at 10:00 central/ 11:00 Eastern.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more information and to REGISTER TODAY.

Your Coaching Will Never Be The Same!

Oh yes, and don’t forget to set your Agenda for our next CSF call on that same day, October 24 (just a little bit later).  In fact, if you plan to come, I’ll help hold you to it.

See you there.