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Here’s another delightful comment from a coach in the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class.

“I incorporated what I have learned so far with two clients today and was thrilled with the results. I used some of the ATEBAR concepts and did a breathing exercise. One client has been my client for two years and she said this was the best session ever!! I am so pleased that I had this new material available. I have also gained some insights into my work and added skills to my coaching. What’s next?!”
– Catharine Ecton, ACC, CPCC, MEd

I love hearing how the work that we do in this class has immediate impact. Not only that, but it goes way beyond simple quick fixes. This coach now has a solid foundation that she can apply again and again in a wide range of situations and coaching experiences.

What’s next for her is more powerful insights, tools and principles for MasterFull coaching (especially in the realm of “Connection”), what’s next for her is more powerful coaching, deeper impact and a solid unshakable confidence.

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