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I love receiving emails like this.  If you ever wanted to know what coaches get from this course in a simple list, here it is.  And I am proud of every single one of these on her list.  In fact, this is what I strive for all the coaches in the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching to receive.


 “It is with great pleasure that I recommend Ben Dooley’s FPMC program!  Here are my top seven reasons:

  1. Ben Dooley made me LOL every single week!  He’s an engaged and supportive guiding spirit!
  2. I met talented coaches and we shared techniques which made us all stronger. 
  3. I reviewed skills that I learned in coaching school but learned how to apply them new ways.
  4. I learned new, more creative techniques which enhanced the quality and outcomes in my sessions with clients.
  5. I learned how to tame tigers.  (you’ll have to take the class to get your own lasso!)
  6. I am a more confident coach.
  7. I gained all the core credits required to maintain my ICF credential.

– KJ, Atlanta, GA

Now it’s your turn.

Visit www.mastermycoching.com to read more about this course so you can lock yourself in and begin building your own “Top 7 list.”