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This secret to coaching will completely redesign, open up and explode your coaching in so many ways!

This amazing webinar has completely redesigned how coaches are approaching their coaching and their clients. It’s so simple that newer coaches grasp it easily (and it really makes more sense of the training you’re in. Intermediate coaches love how it tightens and deepens what you already know, improving your coaching in amazing ways. And experienced MCC coaches find this incredibly powerful.
If you are not familiar with this design, then do yourself a favor and register for this April 11 webinar that I’ll be doing for the Columbus chapter.


Discover how and why your coaching works (so you can trust it powerfully)
Identify where your coaching is stuck (when it is) and how to get unstuck and moving powerfully.
Access unlimited powerful questions.
Provide your clients with FOUR TIMES the depth, value and impact.
Have a process that creates a solid foundation that goes UNDERNEATH your coaching and grows ALL YOUR COACHING SKILLS.

Look, you’re getting this because you already know me. You know I provide coaches with deep advanced coach training. And I know this webinar will make an incredible difference in your coaching.
(It’s part of lesson #3 in my incredible advanced coach training program, so you know this is good stuff.)


It all happens on April 11.

Your coaching will never be the same!