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Yes, it’s happening again.

If you missed my fantastic (if I do say so myself, but the high marks on the feedback is also an indicator) workshop that I did for the Denver Chapter, you have another chance to get this supreme foundational insight and tool.

Yes, I’ll admit that you’ve probably seen and heard something like this before–but not like this.

Yes, it’s a pretty simple formula–but don’t let the simplicity fool you.  This is the foundation for POWERFUL and CONFIDENT coaching.

Yes, this applies to any type of coaching that you do–life, business, health, organizational, leadership–because it’s about six stages that we (us and our clients) are ALWAYS IN.

Yes, ALL coaches–from new to experienced, will discover exciting insight and valuable… uh… Value from this workshop–that you can incorporate into your coaching IMMEDIATELY.

So don’t miss this opportunity.


Your Coaching Will Never be the Same!