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I just got done going through the ATEBAR Formula with a client and it never ceases to amaze me just how awesome and powerful this work really is.

This formula not only clarifies deeply how and why coaching works, but it provides us an endless resource for our coaching power.

Now, while I can’t give you the whole thing (cause it’s part of the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class as well as its own independent workshop), what I thought I’d share with you was one of the traps that we fall into all the time that the ATEBAR Formula addresses and helps us through.

You see, our clients keep coming to us for RESULTS.  That’s what every single client has come to you for–Results.  “I don’t like the Results I’ve got now, I want different results.”

And I asked my coach/client what they thought creates results.

“Awareness” she said.

And what she had inadvertently revealed was a serious trap that we can so easily fall into.

How many times have we had great Awareness about something (new information, new learning, new experiences)?  We know what to do.  We intellectually “get it”.  We understand what’s going on.  And yet, nuthin has really changed.

Case in point: I KNOW how to lose weight.  It’s pretty simple: eat less crap, more healthy food and exercise.  Easy.   And I can read all the books that tell me different diet plans and recipes.  And I can buy all the special awesome cooking equipment and exercise stuff.  And I can watch all the healthy eating shows and exercise DVDs.  And I can talk about it and think about it and all that stuff.  I’m really great at it.

Now… how much do I weigh?  Have I lost any weight with all that “Awareness”?

Nope.  Nada.  Nosireebob.

And that’s where we get trapped.  We seek information.  We hunger for new insights and discoveries.  We amass tons and tons of data to help and support.  But if we don’t take ACTION, ain’t nuthin’ gonna happen and nuthin’s gonna change.

(This is why Designing Actions and Homework and Taking Action and all those other versions are part of our coaching models and training.)

Now, as I said, the rest of the ATEBAR Formula is revealed in the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class (that begins, October 28 at 7:00 pm Central/ 8:00 pm Eastern), along with powerful insights and discoveries to create a powerful foundation and process for MasterFull coaching.

But if you can at least get this step–ACTIONS create RESULTS, then you’re already in good shape.

of course there’s more to it than that when it comes to coaching.  But it’s as I said.  “If you don’t take Action, ain’t nuthin’ gonna happen and nuthin’s gonna change.”

FOR EXAMPLE: If you really want to get astounding results in your coaching, if you are really ready to discover your deep coaching confidence, power and success, I invite you to join the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching class.

In fact, come to the first call, as my guest (no obligation).  We will be exploring the powerful “Revealing Your MasterFull Coaching” and you will have an amazing ACTION that will start you moving toward some profound RESULTS in your coaching.  Just email me at ben@bedo.org saying “I want to join the first call” and I’ll send you the call-in number.

But be ready.  Because on this call you’re going to set your sights more clearly on where you are going in your coaching growth and success so be ready to take ACTION.