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The CSF has been going on for over 10 years now, and bigger and better than ever.  And i am proud and humbled to announce that this awesome format is now being continued on with the German, Austrian and Swiss chapters.

That’s right.   Michaela Hertel, who is on the German ICF Chapter contacted me to ask if they could follow this format on their own series of calls.

How was I to possibly say no?

A chance to have this work impact and grow and inspire even more coaches?  The choice was obvious and I quickly shared with her my notes and design so she and her team could take it on–most likely creating something even more awesome.

So if you speak German, I highly recommend you check it out.

It’s on the ICF-German website.


Now, I will say the first meeting has already happened (It’s so awesome to listen in to this exciting conversation about “ACKNOWEDGMENT” and hear brilliance in a completely different language.

What a profound reminder of how Coaching is needed all over this entire planet.

Thank you ICF-Deutchland and partnering chapters.

I wish you all wonderful success.