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Yes, I am so excited to bring “The ELEMENTS Of Our Coaching” to the ICF CONVERGE conference this year. (#ICFConverge )
For all those coaches who are looking for something to deepen and expand their coaching, this is for you.
ACC coaches will watch their coaching confidence grow powerfully.
PCC Coaches will discover new directions and possibilities and potential.
And even MCC coaches will leave rejuvenated, excited and (Most likely) something new that you didn’t know you knew about you and your coaching.)
It’s a revolutionary, inspiring and empowering redesign of our old tools (and some new ones that you never got.)
This interactive, engaging and fun workshop will be on Friday, August 25, at 11:00.
If you want to read more about this workshop you can visit bedo.org/workshops/the-elements-of-our-coaching for more details. (But you sure won’t want to miss this event.)

And you can go to https://www.eventscribe.com/2017/ICFConverge/ to register and lock yourself in.

You certainly don’t want to miss “The ELEMENTS” as well as the other amazing breakouts and keynotes they have assembled.   Some of the best in the coaching world.

I’ll see you there.