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Yes, that is correct.  And it’s happening for a few reasons.

A). the Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching teleclass (and the experience and the value) just keeps increasing.  And still even with the higher rate, this is still one of the most amazing deals out there for Advanced Coach training and 40 CCEUs.

B). The price hasn’t gone up in quite a few years, so it’s way overdue.  Yes, the content and size keeps increasing.  So it was only a matter of time before the rate caught up.

C). I’m now an MCC.  (Well, have been for a year and a half), and therefore that comes with a little more authority, I suspect.  At least that’s the image I’m supposed to project.

D). If you’ve been following the recap of my MCC journey in my BeDo Bits newsletter, you’ll see that every time I failed it was underlining how I wasn’t using this material from the course, and when I passed, it was because I did exactly what I teach (instead of teach and then just do it another way).  In other words, THIS STUFF IS POWERFUL.  (And if you haven’t been following, you can jump in here)

So that said, I want to give you a special invitation/opportunity and awesome deal to one of the most powerful advanced coach growing courses out there.

If you register BEFORE JULY 1 (which is only a couple days) you not only will lock yourself in at the low rate (thus saving some $$) but also you have the option to break it up into SIX monthly payments of only $175 each.  (*of course if you wait until after July 1, that rate will have gone up slightly, to a still amazingly low $200 each.)

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?   Only $175 a month?
The next round begins Tuesday, August 23 at 4:00 pm Central/ 5:00 pm Eastern and completes before the end of the year so you’ll have plenty of time to renew your credentials (should you need to).

And the round after that begins Mid-October and will complete at the end of February so you can still renew with the 60-Day extension that ICF will give you.


  • Renew your credentials nice and easy.
  • Get tons of extras
  • Watch your coaching shift right before your eyes
  • Impact your clients more deeply and powerfully.
  • Gain tremendous learning and coaching growth with deep and unshakable confidence.
  • Move faster towards your MasterFull Coaching
  • Take advantage of this tremendous deal while it’s available.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more details