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Are YOU ready to grow your coaching to the next level?

  • Get stretched and grown by 4 amazing coaches (including me, an MCC coach that specialized in advanced coach development)
  • Have 3 of your own coach recordings listened to and evaluated
  • Review and deepen the NEW ICF Core Competencies
  • Listen and learn from 9 other amazing coaching recordings
  • Receive TWO BONUS recordings of my own MCC coaching to explore
  • Benefit from additional Master Class insights and tools that apply to the moment
  • And so much more.

This is more than just having a mentor coach. It’s having FOUR.

It’s more than just a mentor group. It’s exploring advanced coaching approaches, insights and tools to grow your coaching quickly and powerfully.

It’s more than just a supervision and evaulation–it’s targeting and revealing your blind spots, challenging you to step into new levels and to expand your coaching reach, depth, power and impact.

It’s not about helping you be better at a particular tool, model or method–it’s about you truly having the support, insight and access to BE the coach you are truly here to BE.

And a new round begins, Wednesday, February 12 from 5:00 – 6:30 pm CENTRAL/ 6:00-7:30 EASTERN and runs for 16 amazing weeks.

You will watch you coaching grow in unpredictable and critical ways.

Your confidence will deepen.

Your coaching will never be the same

Spaces are limited (it’s a small and powerful group) so visit www.bedo.org/mentor-group and lock it in today.