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All right.  First off, you might have gotten an email last week–something about how this is now working.

Short story–somehow about 3 years ago my blog/email feature on my website got messed up.  So all this time, i had been sending out emails, lovely updates, inspiring information, and invitations and no one was getting them.  Not a single one.

So now that I’ve got it fixed (which is so because you are now getting this) HOO BOY, is it going to be fun.

  1. Right off the bat I want to thank you for being a BeDo Member at the “Get Good Stuff” free level.  I’m continuing to pop in new videos, new recordings and new contact all the time.  As well as redesign my website so you have much easier access.
  2. Your little extra bonus is a past recording of a webinar i did a few months ago about how to start off your coaching relationships powerfully– MasterFull Beginnings.
  3. Enjoy.  (It’s about 90 minutes  long, so you know.  And PACKED with valuable information.

And this also kicks off a whole new series of Monthly Master Class Webinars that I’ll be doing every second Monday of the month.

Powerful, advanced, high-level topics, Deep learning, and designs and insights you can’t get anywhere else.
These are expanded excerpts from my already amazing MasterFull YOU advanced Coaching Program, but you can join them, learn and grow, in two ways.

A) You can go here to read about and register for the next one, Monthly MasterFull Mondays: Your Coaching ABC’s – The Beautiful B’s” here, or…

B) Bump up to the MasterFull Access Membership Level.  It’s a very low monthly subscription (only $27 a month) and you get:

  • This upcoming webinar- free
  • The previous one we did last month
  • All FUTURE Monthly MasterFull Monday Webinars
  • PLUS: Exclusive videos and coaching content, only for this level.

And you just go here to lock it in and ALL THAT and MORE is yours in the months to come.

But don’t worry.  Because you’ll still get all the “GET GOOD STUFF” and there’s a lot of that coming.

However I can help you BE the coach you are truly here to BE