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“I did all my initial coach training with an training organization that was quite structured in its approach. In my head I thought of it as all ‘straight lines’. It was good, and I learned a lot, but I always felt like there was something missing. At times it even felt superficial and that niggled at me. I tried to add my own approach – my ‘free flow’ I called it – but I couldn’t quite work out how to piece it all together. I’m not saying I didn’t have great client interactions – I did – and I got great client feedback, but I knew it wasn’t quite right.

“Then I discovered Ben’s programs. He can do structure and straight lines, but he’s mastered the depth, curves, squiggles, and real true humanity – which is exactly what I was looking for. I use Ben’s simple techniques and approaches all the time now. I can honestly say I am getting amazing feedback from clients and my confidence has grown significantly. I now know things like how to recover when the coaching goes awry and how to reconnect so I’m in the moment again. I am learning how to twist, play and hit the home runs. I’ve also sped up – a lot – I’m doing 15 minute calls and having some clients finish the call saying things like ‘wow, are you always this effective? or ‘wow, I never imagined I’d figure this thorny problem out so quickly and feel so different.”

-Joanne Ostler, MCC

I’m so proud and honored to receive comments like this from coaches. It’s part of my quest to help coaches of all types discover their deep and full coaching power, confidence and success.

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