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If your coaching skills were super powers, what would you, as a coaching superhero look like?

Well, now’s your chance to find out at


Follow this link to a great fun program where you can create your own superhero, male or female–from hair to facial structure, to costume, to all the accessories you could ever need.  This is your chance to really see what you at your super coaching greatest would look like.

While you’re designing the “perfect look” remember, that your Future Self isn’t necessarily in the future.  Consider they are more of a representation and reflection of you–right now–here in the present.  They are who you are when your Values are fully expressed, when you’ve managed your Saboteurs and Gremlins, when you’re connecting to your inner wisdom and knowing, when you’ve discovered and achieved your passions, visions and dreams.  It’s who you are deep down, when all the fears are gone–you at your most brilliant and powerful self.

So why wouldn’t you want to see what that looks like?

This way you have a clear image of who that man or woman is.  And the more clear, the more able you are to access and use as a tool in your daily life.

And if you want a more real person look, there’s an alternative “real life edition” with more “down to earth” options, but you can still design what your future self would look like.  Don’t forget to copy, print and post it up somewhere at your coaching space for a continuous reminder of who you are striving to become (and really already are inside).

Remember that old phrase, “I’ll believe it when I see it”?  here’s your chance to put it to work for you.  See it for real, every day.  Keep focusing on it until the outside image matches the inside image.  And that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

Another way to look at it is reversing that phrase, “I’ll see it when I believe it!”  And in that case, the more that you see this image of you, the more it reminds you of who you are, deep down, beyond all the fears, habits and other crap that is layered on top prohibiting your full and powerful self-expression.  The more you remember who you are, in this present moment, and who you choose to be, the more you are reinforcing just how that is really true.  And the more you start acting like that version of you.

Your choices, your actions, your impact, your directions, even how you get yourself out of your stuck spots and habits, when those crappy fears and saboteurs come along, you have a more powerful reminder of who you really are and who you choose to be every day.  The more you practice this, remember this, and hold to this truth, the more you will believe it.

And the more you believe that this is the real you, the more you will see it.


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