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What happened on the last Fast Pass?  What’s the Agenda?

Most likely you already know about Agendas.  You might even know about little and BIG agendas.

But do you know how to identify both of them quickly and easily?

Do you know how to create an unlimited resource in your coaching?

Do you know how to use those Agendas powerfully to call your client forth?

Do you know the three powerful questions to ask that can allow you to coach ANY CLIENT on ANY SITUATION?

And do you know that all of this is explored on the 6th Fast Pass class.  After this last call, those coaches in the class now have a powerful formula that enables them to tap into their coaching power in amazing ways.  In as little as 5 minutes.

Not only that, but they now have a process for an extremely compelling and exciting Sample Session for prospective clients.


Of course you would.

So follow this link to www.mastermycoaching.com and sign up for the next round of the incredible 16-week “The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching” teleclass that begins July 1 or another round in September.

40 CCEUS, or 33 CCEUs and 7 Mentor coaching hours, and so much more.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more information.  (And email me at ben@bedo.org) to see how you can jump in on the First call as my guest for a Free  Preview of the course.  My gift to you.

What are you waiting for?
It’s time for you to jump into the really, really, really fast past
Your Coaching will never be the same!