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Oh wow.  This is a brand new lesson for this course.  Actually, these individual lesson kept wedging their way into other parts of the course, so I gave in and added a whole new lesson.  And WOW, am I so glad I did.

This material is ridiculous off the charts.

We explore different concepts of Reality—the reality that our clients are experiencing, as well as the reality on our end.

For example, the fact that you’re reading this, you’re looking at it, it’s real, right?  These words are real (as is your computer screen).

However, there’s also the thoughts and emotions that are popping up within you, like “Wow, this sounds like an awesome class.  I’ll bet my coaching would really explode if I took it,” those thoughts are real, too.  And the emotions of excitement (or fear) at taking on something that will likely challenge and expand yoru coaching.   That’s real, too.

So is the same for your clients.  What they are experiencing, their tangible results and experiences, as well as their own thoughts and emotions, are also very real.

Ah, so that’s great, you must be thinking. But now what do I do?
Well, that’s what the rest of the call is all about.  We dig deeper into the dance that we often find ourselves in, with our clients, with ourselves, as well as our clients with themselves and those around them.  Our Roles, our Reality, and our Responsibility.

After that, the coaching doors burst wide open.

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