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What is MasterFull Coaching?

After witnessing plenty of amazing coaches in action, it seems that one of the things that makes a powerful difference in our coaching is…


Confidence is defined as “Having trust in a person or thing, a belief in one’s abilities.”  And when our confidence is low, then our trust is low.    Trust in our coaching.  Trust in our client.  Trust in the relationship.  Trust in our skills.  Trust in our experience.  Trust in what’s possible.  Trust in ourselves.

And what do you think happens to our coaching when our confidence is low?  What about our marketing?  How about our creativity and passion and purpose?  You guessed it: all low.

On the other hand, when our confidence is high, that means our TRUST is high.  And when we have full trust, that becomes our empowered beliefs.  And those Beliefs support powerful actions.  And it’s those new and powerful actions, born of TRUST and CONFIDENCE that create exciting Results.

Results in your coaching, results in your marketing, results in your creativity, results in your clients.

So the first question I have for you is: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your Coaching Confidence?

Second question: What would it take to increase that number, and what would it be like when it gets higher.

Third: Will you come as my guest to the first class of the Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching teleclass?

Wednesday, January 28 from 11:00 to 1:00 Central

Just send me an email letting me know you’re interested and I’ll reply with the call in number.

There’s no obligation, but if you really want to grow your confidence, this call is a powerfull beginning.  (And the rest of the FPMC is even more powerfull.)

Come and discover “What is MasterFull Coaching” and watch your coaching confidence grow right before your very eyes.

Visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more information

What are you waiting for?
Your coaching will never be the same.