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I come across so many coaches trying to prepare properly and powerfully for their ICF exam.

  • Looking for Peer and Reciprocal coaching
  • Needing to load up on hours
  • Struggling to find a good recording to submit
  • And making sure they are doing it all correctly.

And they’re doing it the hard way.

I’m here to help make your ICF Credentialing Process Eeeeeeeasy and Smooooooooth (and successful).

Which is why I’m calling this completely free, super-packed, awesome, highly informative and inspiring webinar…

“Making the ICF Credentialing process Eeeeeasy and Smooooth (and successful)”

And you have TWO dates to choose from.

Monday, April 1, from  4:00 pm – 5:30 Central / 5 – 6:30 Eastern


Thursday, April 4, from 9:00 am – 10:30 Central/ 10 – 11:30 Eastern

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  • Common traps, pitfalls and problems that make it much harder (and it’s not your fault) and how to correct it.
  • The Problems with Peer and Reciprocal coaching and how to make it better.
  • How to load up on coaching hours the easy way.
  • How to do Peer Coaching and actually have it help
  • How to easily acquire those perfect recordings to submit
  • Other tips to help you get your ICF Credential easy and successfully.
  • PLUS: Ask me anything (but it’s likely going to be covered in this super-packed

And yes, I know there are others who will help you, but here is where you will discover deep truth telling, you’ll gain powerful skills and insights that will truly make a profound difference, and you’re going to hear things that other coaches don’t know.

After all, I SPECIALIZE in growing coaches just like you.
I am the EXPERT in helping coaches just like you tap into their deep and unshakable confidence.
I am here to make your journey and process soooooo much easier.
I am here to help you truly BE the coach you are here to BE.
You just need to choose your date, click the link to register, and you’ll get emails with all the information, reminders so you won’t miss it and even invitations and announcements for other amazing (and free) coach-growing resources.

Sign up today to get all the access information and set reminders  to make sure you don’t miss it.  (PLUS: a few little extras and invitations.)

I’ll see you there.