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in tandem with my BeDo Bits newsletter I’m also posting some smaller Bits to ponder and coach grow.

Jungle Gym/monkey bars: 

You’re standing on one side. You have to get across.  And the only way you can truly accomplish this is to do it one hand at a time.

You can’t hold on and wait for the right moment.  There is no “right” moment. You have to start by leaning yourself forward, reaching out and grabbing hold.  And once you do so, you can’t stop or go back, and you have to trust and let go in order to move forward.

Once you start moving you don’t stop, otherwise, you’ll be stuck in one place.

It’s so much harder to get yourself moving And if you fall, then it’s only into a pile of wood chips (or nowadays it’s recycled tires into safety rubber chips).


All right, awesome coaches.  Please share your thoughts and metaphors of Monkey-Bar coaching