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The Amazing ATEBAR Formula

The powerful and incredible secret as to how and why coaching works.

Wouldn’t you like a formula that clearly and powerfully not only describes coaching but illustrates exactly HOW and WHY coaching works?


Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that serves as an indicator as to where you are in the coaching process with your client, and where you really need to be?


Wouldn’t you like a system that makes your coaching exponentially more powerful, focused and easy?


Wouldn’t you want to be able to recognize how you’re getting stuck in your coaching, the traps that are diluting the impact, and be able to instantly shift your coaching powerfully?


Wouldn’t you love to have a deep and full Awareness of your coaching so that you can create powerful Results with your clients?


Of course you would.

Then it’s time to learn the Amazing ATEBAR formula.

This is not just a cute tool to add to your coaching that sometimes works, but a powerful foundation that fully supports your coaching skills so that your coaching can be more focused and impactful every single time.  This is the basis for all powerful coaching.  With it, you can easily and powerfully provide the coaching that your clients truly want and need from you.

Coaches who attend this workshop will …

Discover a clearer understanding of where they are in their process of coaching with their clients.

Learn a simple and effective system to streamline their coaching, sidestepping simple and common traps.

Understand the foundational principle that fully explores and explains HOW and WHY coaching works.  (In other words, an easy way to convey “What coaching is” to your clients)

Know immediately why the coaching isn’t working, and know exactly what to do and where to go to recover and reconnect to their coaching power.

Instantly enhance and deepen their current coaching skills, and be able to wield them with more focus and purpose.

Watch their coaching confidence grow quickly, right before their eyes.

Really? Do you need more? Well, in that case, they’ll also gain insight as to some of the powerful tools that master level coaches use (usually unconsciously). They’ll have the upper hand because they’ll be able to consciously practice these tools to rapidly increase their coaching impact.

This material can be presented as a 60-90 minute teleclass or in-person presentation
or expanded into a half or full day Workshop

I BElieve firmly that this foundational work is critical to all coaches who are looking to impact, strengthen and grow. With deep connection, anything can be created with our clients, and that’s when masterful coaching can occur.