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What’s it really like to work with me for…


“I have more than doubled my salary and grown my coaching practice beyond my goal. Ben is one of the best coaches around today. His enthusiasm, commitment, integrity and practice of the skills of coaching make him a gift to any client.”

Sarah Connelly

“Ben goes above and beyond while still keeping the lines between client and coach quite clear.”

Jacki Delehanty

Ben’s sturdy presence, gentle prodding, sparkling humour and seemingly endless bag of tricks were exactly what I needed.”

Laura Neff

“I can truly say that if I had had you as a coach beginning with the core curriculum, I would be years ahead by now.” 

Betty Holthe

What’s it really like to work with me for…


“Ben is not only my coach; he’s my inspiration. It was important for me to know what receiving coaching from a masterful coach would feel like. Being Ben’s client provides just that.”

Gilly Weinstein

Working with Ben provided essential ingredients to my recipe for authentic success.  His guidance nurtured my ability to claim what was most important for me around fully engaging with not only my oral exam experience, but the big picture beyond that special event.  Our calls supported me in creating a solid foundation for my coaching and an empowering perspective that is firmly rooted in my core values.  I am now enjoying a new level of groundedness, a deeper appreciation of my journey and a fierce commitment to honoring my vision of who I am as a coach.

Carrie Garber

My experience with Ben has allowed me to relax into the program without becoming overwhelmed by self-criticism. In other words, this has opened up a space in me to focus on the learning.

Kerri Yeats

[Ben has] been a great model of co-active coaching for me throughout the process. Accountability and focus are also big benefits. [He also] pushed me to explore and use skills and principles that I wasn’t really comfortable with.

Beth Garrish

Ben is an incredible source of encouragement and growth in coaching skills. He has helped me gain the confidence I lacked and sharpened my skills so that I could move forward with ease. Working with Ben is a delightful experience full of surprises and new self-awareness. I look forward to each call knowing that I will leave with new insight and self-assurance. If you are looking for someone to help you transform your coaching and take your performance to the next level give Ben a call. He has been invaluable in my personal and professional growth. I am sure he can be of great assistance to you too.

Bill Graybill

What’s it really like to work with me for…


[Ben had] me get really clear on what I had 100% control over, which could not be taken away from me. He devoted so much time to having me be sure of how I wanted to be, that when the time came, it was easy, effortless and truly the celebration I was longing for.

Annie Gelfand

My session with Ben completely shifted my perspective about the exam in a way that I did not think was possible. It’s one thing to talk like you are not coming from fear, but in reality to still be scared deep inside. It’s quite another to be able to stand in a completely new place for real — and that’s what he did for me.

Susan Olsen

My exam is tomorrow morning and I cannot express how dramatically more confident I am after having had my pre-exam session with you; a literal night and day change for the better.

Kerri Yeats

I cannot thank you enough for all your support, knowledge and encouragement.  You certainly made the process easier and smoother for me—-not to mention FUN!!!!

Kathryn Kenith

I want to say a great big THANK YOU for your wisdom and support throughout my exam process. I learned a lot from you and I’m very grateful. I used everything you taught me, and I stood in courage from the moment I decided to email my penguin tribe.

Tina Styres

Ben’s coaching helped bring my own coaching to a new level. He challenged and inspired me to bring my most powerful self forward where it could shine brilliantly in the light.  He showed me how to use co-active coaching skills in new, powerful ways, allowing me access my best self as a coach, and play a bigger game – all in a way that was fun, playful, and encouraging. Thank you Ben!

Clare Connoly

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support for the exam, Ben!  I truly appreciate all that you did to help me and all your encouragement, especially after the devastating news that I hadn’t passed the 1st time.  I really think that working with you to prepare for my oral exam made a huge difference not only in passing the exam but also in my coaching.

Patty Hagan

I want to highly recommend Ben Dooley’s wonderful certification exam prep package. Ben has really thought of everything in putting these calls together. What he teaches goes way beyond just preparing for the exam and totally impacts both your coaching and you. I felt so prepared and confident from my work with Ben that I was actually excited about taking my exam. Ben has such passion for coaching and a real talent for explaining difficult concepts in a way that makes it easy and fun, while at the same time, deepens your understanding. He really takes the CTI experience to a new level.

Julia Mattern

I have been greatly helped by Ben Dooley as my mentor/coach. My confidence as a coach has increased significantly.

Stanley Troyer

I have had my first call and I have to say it is amazing the amount of new material I learned.  These calls are set up to help us go confidently into the oral exam.  I believe he is worth every penny!  So give him a call and see how he can help you.

Barbara Ann Beisler