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FULL MOON BITS – “Taxing Your Time”

Yes, I'll admit it.  I'm late with this newsletter.  (Tragically late, in fact.  Unless you didn't notice, then I'm right on time.)  But I've got a really good reason.  Not only that, but I've made an amazing discovery in the process on how to stretch time.  And it's...

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Scotchy Scotch Scotch

Yep, I’m a fan of scotch.  I enjoy it.  However, little did I know that this golden nectar would not only serve me in building my bar, but also building my coaching business. Here, let me clarify. (And I’ll include some comments of insight and learning along the way.)...

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Why Goals Don’t Work

Why goals don’t work I know, this probably sounds like a completely bonkers think to say, but there’s a little truth telling that needs to be done here: Goals don’t work. But Ben, I can hear you say, how can you possibly say that?  It’s Coaching 101.  It’s...

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The Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching Minis

Get a little mini lesson in MasterFull coaching. Explore some of the basic topics that are deepened in the larger, full Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching program. #1: What is MasterFull Coaching? #2: Your Coaching Confidence #3: Proof of Your Confidence #4: The Two...

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