The Great Eight Core Competencies of MasterFull Coaching

Advanced Webinar and Training Series

There are other Core Competency calls out there.  This is nothing like them.  This is an unparalleled 8-part Master class series that combines deep-dive/ advanced MCC level and beyond coach training / high-level interactive exploration of the new ICF Core Competencies.  Each of the new ICF Core Competencies are highlighted, one at a time, and blended with highly advanced coaching tools, techniques, insights, and models that are excerpts from the ACSTH MasterFull YOU Advanced Coach Training Program revealing a depth and impact in our coaching beyond what most other Core Comp calls provide (CCEUs are definitely available.)

I recently had the great honor and delight of presenting this amazing 8-part series in partnership with the ICF-Maryland chapter.  Each event received incredibly high marks of satisfaction—from newer coaches to seasoned MCCs—all coaches left each session with their coaching stretched, deepened and grown in amazing ways beyond their expectations.

“The concept of true, equal partnership became evident in how Ben weaved the core competencies together and revealed aspects that I had not considered in my more than a decade of coaching experience.  Very liberating and free to step into my masterful, one- of-a-kind Coaching as never before!” – Shendra Allen   

“Ben has a way of taking the material deeper, so that we understand the content at a much deeper level, which translates into coaching at a deeper level.” –  Dr. Julie Donley

“Why should other coaches get on these? To become (more) masterful in the ICF Coaching Competencies, and, therefore more confident.” – Maggie Voelker

“…very interactive and inclusive versus a dry, monologue instruction. Other coaches would greatly benefit from his dynamic class.”Karin Schultz, ACC

How excited I’ve been to participate in these engaging and inspiring sessions that have provided enormous value to me as I continue to strengthen my coaching skills. The conversation during these 90-minute sessions has been both powerful and provocative.Mary Ellen Waltemire, PCC (ICF-Maryland Past President)

“I really enjoyed the Maryland program—got a lot out of it—no matter how advanced you are, there is always something new to learn.”-Karen B. Kahn, EdD, PCC

“I was watching the audience and they were spellbound!  By every measure, Ben’s Great Eight series was a huge success.  Now, all I have to do is to come up with a new reason to bring him back to the chapter next year!!!”  – Wanda Campbell, PCC (ICF-Maryland President)

Yeah, it was that awesome.  And I would love to share all that deep high-level advanced coach learning with you, your chapter and your coaches.

You set the dates and times
You provide the Zoom hosting
You arrange for the CCEUs and offer your coaches 12 in the category of Core Competency
You charge your coaches whatever you want per session or for the whole series
I’ll provide the marketing material
I can customize and modify the program to accommodate your coaches and chapter needs and specific interests.
I’ll even stick around at the end to give your chapter a special extra 30 minutes of “Ask Ben Anything” time.  It’s their chance to explore, learn and grow any part of their coaching with an MCC coach who specializes in growing MasterFull coaches.
AND I’m happy to provide an additional complementary webinar of your choosing at any time to add value and/or pump up the interest/attendance for the series.  
EXTRA BONUS: If you’re a smaller chapter, you can partner with other chapters, share the work, create a more interactive community, help other coaches get great learning and value.  More awesome for all.  

NOTE: Full transparency: This is not a free offer.  There is a charge for this series—each option requires a different price setup.  But as I keep stating, it’s my commitment to make it tremendously worth it.)

So I know you’re asking, “This sounds fantastic.  But how much does this cost?

Let’s make this easy and do a simple 50/50 split based on the registrations.  This way it all depends on how many coaches show up.  If a large group attend, we both get large money.  If a small group attends, we’ll get a little money.

You can charge whatever you want for these meetings.  Some example are:

  • Charge your members $50 a session, or $350 for the series.
  • Or $25 a session or $180 for the series
  • Or $10 a session or $75 for the series
  • Or it could be completely free, if you want.

It’s up to you.  I promise your coaches will get beyond their money’s worth.


  1. Help your coaches grow more powerful, confident and resourceful through the Core Competencies.
  2. Help your chapter grow, attract past members and create an additional stream of income for other exciting benefits to your chapter and coaches.

(FYI: The ICF-Maryland chapter registered 86 coaches for the event, raising over $10,000.)

You get to handle the transactions, you get to keep 50% of the profits, you get to design how to get this to your members however you want:

  • Attract senior coaches and past members
  • Provide powerful value for your entire coaching body
  • Take advantage of deep and highly advanced coaching development
  • Access the deeper power of the Core Competencies to enhance your coaches’ confidence and success.

Yeah, as I said above, these are more than just regular Core Comp Calls. 
This is a powerful series of Eight Master Classes that explore and reveal MCC level and beyond.


Not only do we explore each of the Core Competencies—one at a time—in deep exploration, we:

  • Identify and deepen the Markers beyond PCC level.  (and even beyond MCC level)
  • Reveal the TRUE CORE of our Core Competencies that will instantly access powerful coaching and empower your coaching tremendously.
  • Solidify and access the Coaching Ethics easily and establish a triumphant value for your coaching
  • Redesign your Coaching Mindset to something four times more powerfully that the Core Comp suggests.
  • Create powerful Partnering and Agreements and solid Agendas to make the coaching richer and more impacting on your clients
  • Identify what really challenges trust and safety and discover how to create deep coaching flow
  • Redesign FEAR and create powerful Presence that is more Valuable to your client
  • Use the Four Realms to quadruple your Active Listening, and then multiply that four times.  (yeah, that’s 16 different listening focuses)
  • Expand your Awareness five times with the Amazing ATEBAR Formula and never get lost or stuck in your coaching again.
  • Complete your coaching in Four Powerful Ways to increase the impact and value and make your coaching sooooo much easier.

I want this for your chapter, for your coaches and for all of their clients.

here is a link to a sample 30 minutes of one of the webinars (#6: Listening Actively) at

Now that we’ve gone through all of this, I hope you’re as excited about this as I am.  So now…


Wanda Campbell (president of the ICF-=Maryland chapter) would be happy to share her thoughts and experience from when I presented to the chapter.  She can be reached at


LET’S TALK:  You can use the scheduler link to find a time that works best for you and we can explore the details, dates and other possibilities.

Together I know we can co-create and present something amazing to your chapter and coaches.  Thank you.