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Coaches in Core Training

Curious about getting into coaching or already in training for it? The one thing that might BE missing is your coaching confidence –- your ability to feel completely comfortable applying the skills that you’re learning. I can help. Learn more

Coaches in Certification

Get the most out of your advanced training and discover your coaching Music. I take what you’re learning and with the help of simple and powerful adjustments and insights, deepen your confidence so that you will begin to think and feel like a skilled coach. Learn more

How to get the most from this investment in you.

Are you “hooked” on coaching?

DO you BElieve that everyone can BEnefit from having a coach?

DO you want the MOST out of your coach training and BE the BEst you can BE?

Then you would certainly BEnefit you to take your own advice and hire a coach for yourself.

“Yeah, I’ve heard that before.  And I’m sure you’re going to now tell me why it’s so important, right?”

You’re correct.  But it may not be what you think. Of course, not only will you BE “walking your talk”, but there are many other wonderful BEnefits to having a coach BEyond what everyone else (including your current and future clients) experiences.

You’ll naturally absorb your coach’s skills and style, automatically helping you a BEcome a stronger coach

You’ll BE continually immersed in the coaching conversation – one of the most powerful ways to grow coaching quickly

You’ll naturally BEgin to shape and discover your own “coaching personality and style” to help you stand out from the ever-growing crowd of coaches

You’ll learn key strategies in starting to build a successful coaching business, which means more clients, more money, experience, and confidence

You’ll experience skilled, focused coaching firsthand and easily adapt those skills for your own toolbox

And you’ll get to personally know your product powerfully.

Nothing DOes BEtter advertising of product need than your own “personal testimonial”

You’ll quickly discover that BEing a confident, powerful and successful coach takes more than just some amazing training and books. 

It’s about discovering and fully BEing that coach, inside and out.  As you grow your inner coach, it helps in having someone in your corner to keep you focused and committed—someone who specializes in helping coaches grow confident and powerful.

How I can help you unleash your coaching confidence, power, and success

False modesty aside, I’m very good at coaching coaches. In my 9+ years it’s been my specialty, and I’ve helped hundreds of coaches just like you in their learning and growing. And I LOVE DOing it.I suggest looking again at the BEnefits listed above that come from hiring your own coach.  Then ask yourself, “Is what you want?”

“Yes, it is. I’m serious about this new direction I’m taking and I want to get everything I can so I can be the best I can be.”

Well, if that’s the case, If you truly want to fill the gaps in your coach development, boost your coaching confidence and BEgin building your coaching success, then I encourage you to contact me and let’s see if we’re a good fit. Sure, there are lots of coaches out there. And there are many coaches who coach other coaches BEcause they think it’s the easy way to go. It’s not.

On the contrary, it’s one of the more challenging areas to coach in when you recognize and accept the responsibility that comes with the job. It’s BEcome my passion and commitment to help fill in the gaps in your coach development.

As good as your school is, they can’t teach you everything. That’s BEcome my specialty, filling in the gaps … making sure you have not only the skills but also the confidence to use them deftly so that you can go out there and have a powerful impact on the world that you desire.

So I ask you, DO you want any coach? or DO you want a coach who specializes and excels at coaching coaches, one who has vast experience in helping coaches just like you to BEcome more confident and effective in their coaching.