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The FPMC Free audios

FPMC Master Coach Minis – Get a little mini-lesson in MasterFull coaching.  Explore some of the basic topics that are deepened in the full Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching.

(It’s easy.  Just play right through the embedded player, or download the link to your computer.)


#1 What is MasterFull Coaching?


#2 – Your Coaching Confidence


#3 – Proof of your Confidence


#4 – The two stages of learning – INFORMATION


#5 – The two stages of learning – EXPERIENTIAL


Your Coaching B.R.A.C.E – four mini recordings – MasterFull coaching can be best defined by these five powerful principles.  Without them, your coaching falls.  But with them, your coaching is powerful, supported, solid and reliable, creating deep confidence and success.  Get a good taste with these free mini-recordings exploring each topic (the full recordings are available for those registered in the Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching course.)













Fast Pass to MasterFull Coaching First Call Snippets

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