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Working with my Gremlins/Saboteurs can be quite tiring.  It seems that every time I turn around, they’ve got some “reason” or other as to why I shouldn’t do something–I don’t deserve it, I’m not good enough, it won’t work.  Their beating can be quite relentless, where it seems sometimes that the only reality is the one that they show.

All the elements of my past where I failed, and fell down, where my ideas bombed, or others didn’t appreciate, where I wasn’t good enough, or any other event (some even made up) are thrown in my face to support their argument that I’m not worthy.

It feels like every time I try to do something positive and move forward, they whip out this scroll (and it’s a long one) that contains each and every failure in my life.  And did I mention it’s a loooooooong list?

So I’ve decided to create my own list.

It contains 101 of my successes that I can refer to at a moment’s notice.

Finally, I have pure proof that “I can do it” and “I am good enough.”  It says so right here on line 63.

And lines 44 to 56 are all ideas that I had that actually did get completed and came true, and not only that, but lines 72 to 77 clearly list my actions that created a contribution and benefit to others as well.

Oh, and here on line 17, I listed my clients… all the coaches I’ve worked with and helped them strengthen their skills and become stronger and more confident so they can help their clients (there’s that ripple effect that i so love)

And then there’s all my friends… instead of itemizing, I just put them all in line 39   (I always go to the line from “It’s a Wonderful Life.”?  “Remember: No man is a failure who has friends.”)

So let that be a special gift to yourself… a list of your 101 accomplishments, successes, and things you have been and done that you are proud of.  They can be big things, small things, generous things, selfish things, it can be skills and qualities, ideas, actions, reactions, heck, I don’t care, as long as it is something that you can think about you and your past that makes you smile.

Think you can do it?  Great.  Go for it.  And have fun.

Don’t think you can come up with 101?

Well, look at it this way.  If you’re 30 years old, that means that you’ve been alive for about 11,000 days.  That translates to almost 263,000 hours, or 15,768,000 minutes, or just under one billion seconds of your life.  And that’s just for the 30 year olds.

So out of an average of one billion seconds in your life (give or take), you’re trying to convince me that you can’t find 101 things to celebrate?  You’ve got to be kidding!!!

Give it a try now.

You’ll be amazed at what you discover about yourself.