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This is tremendously embarrassing. I’ve been doing the Coaching skills Forum calls for 8 years now, over 200 calls, cycling through the ever expanding list of coaching skills, components, aspects and core foundational elements, and it just struck me that there is a critical absence.
In fact, an amazing 2 hour conversation was sparked with a new coach in Certification who was having a challenge fully understanding it and its application to coaching.
I was about to send him a past CSF recording when–to my horror of horrors–I discovered that there wasn’t one. We have never explored this topic.
Quickly I went to my list of topics to confirm this tragic omission. Sure enough, it was NEVER ON THE LIST!!!!
So I rapidly added it to the list (in it’s proper alphabetical location) and then immediately adjusted the schedule on my calendar to accommodate for this new topic. And I can’t wait until December to dig into it with you.

Want to know what it is? Well, I’ve got to get you to visit the calendar listing somehow.
And hopefully you’ll be sparked to jump in on some of the calls before then (as they are all amazing).

I’ll see you all there.