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Once again, I have completed another amazing Fast Pass to MasterFull caoching advanced course, and this is what I got from one of the coaches in the class.

“The value I received from taking The Fast Pass to Masterful Coaching course created a space where I was able to stretch, grow and deepen my coaching skill sets.  I learned to have more balance in my life, been able to recover quicker with my clients, became more aware of what I have to offer, feel more committed to coaching and have the energy to meet my clients where they need me to be.  I would highly recommend you take this journey with your fellow coaches to become the best coach you can be.” – Barbara Ann Beisler

Yep.  I’m pretty humbled, stunned and honored to be a part of her coaching journey and to earn these wonderful words.

I’m taking a little summer break and then starting up a whole new round July 31 and and ready to share these amazing 20 lessons with more coaches who are hungry to discover the coaching on a whole nother level in a course that will not only explode your coaching, but change your life.

Is that you?

PLUS: 48 CCEUs and Mentor coaching hours are available.

visit www.mastermycoaching.com for more information and to lock yourself in while there’s space.

(and you can always schedule a time here to chat if you have any questions.) https://my.timetrade.com/book/KT492

I promise, your coaching will never be the same.