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Special Preview to new Seminars and Workshops.
How you can help with another quick survey
Yeah, I’ve been a busy boy in creating new Membership tiers to provide tremendous value–audios, videos, webinars, teleclasses and more–to help you deepen and grow your coaching in exciting ways.
And I’m getting ready to unveil my next level which will be a paid monthly subscription (don’t worry, you’ll not only get first notice and invitation, but a special “locked in” discount rate, should you choose to join.
(in fact, you’re receiving this email because you are are already a “GET GOOD STUFF” member.  (I hope you’re enjoying it.  There’s more stuff popping up so check back frequently.)
But on to the survey.
Please take just a few brief moments to express your preferences for the special BETA starting of new coaching seminars and workshops.
It really should take less than 5 minutes.
And be on the lookout for your special advanced notification and invitation which will be coming very soon.
Thank you.