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“It has been with great privilege to be a part of Ben’s coaching program. He has an enthusiasm that is contagious and structure that is easily followed. Whether you are a seasoned coach or new to this journey, you won’t be disappointed. There is much learned and reflected upon when work with him. Thank you, Ben.” – Blake Woolsey

You are so welcome.

It is my honor to help coaches of all levels grow.  And if you’re like Blake, and the many other coaches out there who are looking for a deeper, more powerful and richer coaching experience, then the Fast Pass to MasterFull coaching is for you.

Truly, there is much that is learned–one of the most super-packed coach growing courses out there.  24 weeks worth of material packed into 4 months.

There is puh-lenty to reflect upon as you watch your coaching deepen and grow in exciting and unpredictable ways–right before your eyes.

And this structure is easy and solid, that all coaches–new to highly experienced–will find powerful and beneficial.

After all, “Maximum benefit for minimum effort.”

So join the next Fast Pass Class.

There’s still room in the Fall-Winter 2016-17 course (resuming Wednesday, November 2) if you want to jump in (I’ll catch you up.)  Or you can lock yourself in the next round beginning in January.

Visit www. mastermycoaching.com for more information.