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For quite some time I’ve been describing the Coaching Skills Forum as thus:
“These are some of the most amazing and exciting and powerfully consistent coach growing calls out there. We talk twice a month so you can join live, but we also have over 100 calls archived online.
AND THEY’RE ALL FREE and available to all coaches out there.”

Now, today I got a little curious and did a little counting.
I first started these calls back in September of 2006 (which means that we’ve been exploring these exciting coaching components and topics for almost 8 years. WOW) and I’ve managed to record nearly every single one.
We started off at the CTI Skills calls but two years later I branched out and expanded them to include all other schools and skills, and also being approved for CCEUS.
Which means that not only are we starting our series of skills for the 5th time but we have done now OVER 200 calls.

Now to be honest, those early ones aren’t approved for CCEUs, but they are still some exciting conversations so I’m going to start putting them on the website and making them available for anyone to enjoy.
Here is the same topic, completely different conversation that we had back in 2008.And here’s the first one, right on the heels of our last recent call on the topic of Accountability.
Enjoy. Learn. Grow.

(and then be sure to join us for the next exciting CSF call. Visit www.coachingskillsforum.com